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Month: July, 2014


waiting in the queue at the post office

standing in the lift

sitting on the train or bus

walking down the street

sometimes even sitting across from a friend

everyone is staring at their phone

what did we do before mobile phones

how did we fill these spaces of time

personally I like a bit of emptiness in my day

I find the gaps of time comforting

little bits of time to centre myself

to find myself

to check in with myself

to be me

with me

note to self

you are your home

home is not a place

nor a person

home is your soul

your truth

your core



when you accept yourself completely

faults and all

you know who you are and what you’re about

nothing and no one can shake you

it’s the greatest form of liberation that I can think of

to be free of other people’s thoughts and opinions of you or what you should do or be

the highest form of freedom

to be you as you are

wonderful words

My mother used to say:

Never lose the privilege of being entirely content with yourself while being willfully all alone in your room, with solely your cat as a company.

This is still, my idea of self-respect, I guess. I kind of always accept the mood of the moment and never try to go against it. 

Jean Seberg

hold on

maybe our hearts need to be broken

so that they can be bigger

to give and receive the love we need and want

even if sometimes, we are not sure we deserve big love

so when your heart is broken

hold on

hold on

because somehow your heart will be put back together

and when the time is right, you will give and receive love that’s bigger and deeper than ever before

and then you will understand

we should be flowers

I have been thinking about flowers

roses with their sharp spiky thorns are accepted because they bloom into layers of beauty and smell like perfume that no one has ever been able to bottle

poppies with their quirky little stems and hairy bulbs which then crack open into wispy light petals of colour

sunflowers and their big happy smiley faces, I don’t think I’ve ever met an unhappy sunflower

orchids and their abstract and delicate beauty yet remarkably long lasting and then periods of hibernation where we patiently wait for the next blooming period

we accept each flower as they are, and completely, without questioning why they are so different

so why don’t we do that with people, accept each person as they are, and completely

I think we should be flowers

right for you

your journey is yours and no one else’s

your timing is yours and no one else’s

your decisions are yours to make and no one else’s

it does not have to make sense to anyone but you

and sometimes it may not even make sense to you

but if it sits right with your heart and your soul

and you will know this by how it feels

then its right for you

the best

what was the best thing that happened to you today

tell me about it

talk about it

discuss it with your partner, your children

let’s break the habit of talking only about our woes or what irritates us or who feel let down by

let’s start talking about what made our day

the small kind gestures that were unexpectedly bestowed on us

catching a lucky break

shift the focus

try it for one day then maybe one week

who knows where it could lead



stop dabbling

stop treading water

dive in

take the plunge

go in all the way

that’s the only way to find out if its truly for you

and if its not, move on

at least, you know

no unfinished business

no longings

no regrets


breathe | and smile

don’t worry about the past because it cannot be changed

don’t think about the future because it hasn’t happened yet

be in the present

focus on your breath

and smile