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Category: balance


for today

say nothing negative

to yourself

about yourself

and see what happens



here and now

you are here

be present



its that simple


find wonderful

find wonderful

In the comfort of warm cup of coffee

the homeliness of freshly baked cookies

receiving a handwritten letter

wearing a vintage dress on a Sunday morning

picking fresh flowers from your garden

find wonderful

in the simplest of things

in the simplest of ways


find wonderful


let’s start loving who we are


stop hating what we are not

more or less

less past

more now

less doing

more being

5 things

before I get out of each morning, I:

say thank you

say I love you (to myself and the world at large)

set my intentions for the day

smile (for no reason at all)

stretch and open myself to everyone and everything I will encounter that day

what do you do before you get out of bed

sweet surrender

i think we should give up

the idea

that we know what we’re doing

where we’re heading

what our lives should look like

how our life will turn out

and just


to the uncertainty

the surprises

the unknowing

surrender to life

and go where it takes us

maybe that’s why they call it

sweet surrender



your life is your masterpiece

edit it

as often as you need to

as ruthlessly you as must

curate it

make it as beautiful as possible

and never let anyone tell you differently


you have to be the kind of person who can make the best out of a Tuesday

you know those people who live for the weekends?

they’re wishing their life away

you have to find something worth living for or else you’ll look back and realize you’ve wasted your life away

love is all there is

you come from love

you are love

so go out and spread the love