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Category: body


revel in being yourself



and see what happens


for today

say nothing negative

to yourself

about yourself

and see what happens



here and now

you are here

be present



its that simple



let’s start loving who we are


stop hating what we are not

more or less

less past

more now

less doing

more being

5 things

before I get out of each morning, I:

say thank you

say I love you (to myself and the world at large)

set my intentions for the day

smile (for no reason at all)

stretch and open myself to everyone and everything I will encounter that day

what do you do before you get out of bed


you have to be the kind of person who can make the best out of a Tuesday

you know those people who live for the weekends?

they’re wishing their life away

you have to find something worth living for or else you’ll look back and realize you’ve wasted your life away


overheard recently

“I have a very short attention span”

“I get bored easily”

“I must always have something to read or do”


when did we stop being able to be with ourselves

without a phone or a book or music in our ears

if you get bored easily (with yourself)

how can you expect another to not be bored with you

if you can’t be with yourself

how can you expect another person to want to be with you

when we did stop looking within and started looking outside for ourselves


take the time to find your truth

your truth is why you’re here

what you’re here for

you’ll know your truth

by the way it feels

by how moved you are when you are living your truth

by the way it fits you

and the ease with which  you embody your truth

best friend

be your own best friend

give yourself as much love as you would your best friend

treat yourself as gently as you would a child

care for yourself as tenderly as you would your parent

forgive yourself as you would your partner

because that becomes your benchmark in life

you will never achieve more than your self esteem will allow

you will never receive more than what you are prepared to give yourself

so love yourself

be there for yourself in good times and bad times

celebrate every victory

learn from every experience

accept yourself exactly as you are and live