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Category: darkness

here and now

you are here

be present



its that simple



let’s start loving who we are


stop hating what we are not

sweet surrender

i think we should give up

the idea

that we know what we’re doing

where we’re heading

what our lives should look like

how our life will turn out

and just


to the uncertainty

the surprises

the unknowing

surrender to life

and go where it takes us

maybe that’s why they call it

sweet surrender


love is all there is

you come from love

you are love

so go out and spread the love




when you forgive

you heal

when you let go

you grow


loving yourself is the greatest revolution

forget about everything else

until you learn to love yourself

accept yourself exactly as you are right now

in this moment

nothing will work

nothing will change

until you love yourself


a lesson

what you don’t like about someone

what you find frustrating about another

or so annoying

is a reflection of you

what you love about the person

what you find inspiring

is also a reflection of you

everyone is a lesson

remember this


be a seeker

find beauty and light in the smallest things

and live inspired


energy is contagious

good energy

bad energy

figure out who or what nourishes you

or drains your energy

protect your energy


think of yourself as a magnet

you attract your dominant thoughts

are you growing flowers or weeds