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Category: heart


better oops

than what if

better to apologise

than ask permission

better heartbroken

than never loved


you should always tell people how much you love them


life can be short sometimes

profess  your love

bring your awesome

show up

speak up

this is where life is lived

live the story you want to tell

bring your awesome

leave no good thing unsaid

live from your heart

be the magic

have you noticed

we talk the least about the things that we think the most


for today

say nothing negative

to yourself

about yourself

and see what happens



do it

do it now

do it today

don’t risk doing something else now

thinking you can do what you want to do later

because sometimes later doesn’t come

so if it matters

if it makes your heart sing

if you come alive just thinking about it

do it now


heart matters


be kind

hold the door for someone

compliment them on their tie or their shirt

ask them how their morning has been

laugh at their jokes (even if they are not funny)

offer to make them a cup of tea

show them you care

that they matter

we all have a heart

so let’s not hide it


more or less

less past

more now

less doing

more being

sweet surrender

i think we should give up

the idea

that we know what we’re doing

where we’re heading

what our lives should look like

how our life will turn out

and just


to the uncertainty

the surprises

the unknowing

surrender to life

and go where it takes us

maybe that’s why they call it

sweet surrender



your life is your masterpiece

edit it

as often as you need to

as ruthlessly you as must

curate it

make it as beautiful as possible

and never let anyone tell you differently