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winter solstice | southern hemisphere



let go


put your heart mind and soul into everything you do

especially the smallest acts

this is the secret of success

the best things in life

accidentally overhearing someone say something nice about you

waking up in the morning and realizing you still have a few hours to sleep in

the first kiss (especially one that’s been a long time coming)

making new friends (unexpectedly)

re-connecting with old friends

hot chocolate




bring your awesome

show up

speak up

this is where life is lived

live the story you want to tell

bring your awesome

leave no good thing unsaid

live from your heart

be the magic


revel in being yourself



and see what happens


for today

say nothing negative

to yourself

about yourself

and see what happens



do it

do it now

do it today

don’t risk doing something else now

thinking you can do what you want to do later

because sometimes later doesn’t come

so if it matters

if it makes your heart sing

if you come alive just thinking about it

do it now


heart matters


be kind

hold the door for someone

compliment them on their tie or their shirt

ask them how their morning has been

laugh at their jokes (even if they are not funny)

offer to make them a cup of tea

show them you care

that they matter

we all have a heart

so let’s not hide it


find wonderful

find wonderful

In the comfort of warm cup of coffee

the homeliness of freshly baked cookies

receiving a handwritten letter

wearing a vintage dress on a Sunday morning

picking fresh flowers from your garden

find wonderful

in the simplest of things

in the simplest of ways


find wonderful


let’s start loving who we are


stop hating what we are not