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breathe | and smile

don’t worry about the past because it cannot be changed

don’t think about the future because it hasn’t happened yet

be in the present

focus on your breath

and smile

don’t allow waiting to become a habit

stop waiting for things to happen

chase your dreams

live your dreams

take the risks


life is happening right now


ask yourself

does this belief serve me

does this thought serve me

does this behaviour serve me

my purpose

my life

perhaps the most important question you can ask yourself

how someone treats you

the way someone treats you is a statement about who they are as a human being

it is not and never is a statement about you

don’t get involved in their struggle

send them off in peace

love it

come what may

and love it


Happiness is a very personal thing.

And it changes moment by moment.

Take your time and figure out what makes you happy.  In that moment.

And enjoy your happiness, however long it lasts.

Have no expectations about what happiness should look like.

It may be a perfectly brewed cup of tea.

Or a ladybug landing on your hand as you sit in the park.

An unexpected smile from a kindly stranger.

A doodle on your takeaway cup drawn by your barista.

A serendipitous rainbow caused by sunlight reflecting off glass.

Happiness is always within our grasp.




create yourself

create yourself

with every thought

in every moment

life is not about find yourself

life is about creating yourself

who do you want to be

somewhere else

we like to believe in somewhere else

a place where we have more time

with the people we believe we should be with

doing the things we wish we were doing

being the person we wish we could be

there is no somewhere else

there is only here and now

this place this time


make sure you’re happy in this life