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every day

wake up and love

that’s all you need to do each day


I always thought it was love I was looking for

but what has sated me is not love but peace

peace with myself

with all the silly / ridiculous / embarrassing decisions/mistakes I have made so far

and I’m sure there will be a few more in my future

peace with my dad for not being able to love me the way I wanted him to

and he loves me all the same

peace with my body and all its (im)perfections

a deep sustaining peace that has nothing to do with who loves me or not

or whether I have the latest it bag or hang out with the cool crowd

or ate at the finest establishments

a rich abiding peace that resides in me

that I had lost contact with

and reconnected when I started meditation

peace within myself was what I had been looking for all this time

and I finally found


live more out of intent

and less out of habit


wonder and wander


always find time for the things that make you happy to be alive


Happiness is a very personal thing.

And it changes moment by moment.

Take your time and figure out what makes you happy.  In that moment.

And enjoy your happiness, however long it lasts.

Have no expectations about what happiness should look like.

It may be a perfectly brewed cup of tea.

Or a ladybug landing on your hand as you sit in the park.

An unexpected smile from a kindly stranger.

A doodle on your takeaway cup drawn by your barista.

A serendipitous rainbow caused by sunlight reflecting off glass.

Happiness is always within our grasp.