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Tag: heart


put your heart mind and soul into everything you do

especially the smallest acts

this is the secret of success

bring your awesome

show up

speak up

this is where life is lived

live the story you want to tell

bring your awesome

leave no good thing unsaid

live from your heart

be the magic


stop thinking

start being

get out of your head

and into your heart

we are human be-ings

so just be

live your authentic self

live from the inside out

lead with your heart

your heart knows the truth

you know the truth by how it feels

live true

live from your heart

hold on

maybe our hearts need to be broken

so that they can be bigger

to give and receive the love we need and want

even if sometimes, we are not sure we deserve big love

so when your heart is broken

hold on

hold on

because somehow your heart will be put back together

and when the time is right, you will give and receive love that’s bigger and deeper than ever before

and then you will understand