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life is beautiful

life is ugly

life is good

life is bad

life is easy

life is hard

whatever you believe, you are right

the question is not which one is right but

which one works for you

its your choice


every moment

choose wisely

every day

wake up and love

that’s all you need to do each day


you should always tell people how much you love them


life can be short sometimes

profess  your love

the best things in life

accidentally overhearing someone say something nice about you

waking up in the morning and realizing you still have a few hours to sleep in

the first kiss (especially one that’s been a long time coming)

making new friends (unexpectedly)

re-connecting with old friends

hot chocolate




bring your awesome

show up

speak up

this is where life is lived

live the story you want to tell

bring your awesome

leave no good thing unsaid

live from your heart

be the magic


revel in being yourself



and see what happens


do what you love

not what you like

even if you like it a lot

because you have one life

and you want to love it, not like it

do it

do it now

do it today

don’t risk doing something else now

thinking you can do what you want to do later

because sometimes later doesn’t come

so if it matters

if it makes your heart sing

if you come alive just thinking about it

do it now


just saying

stop saying
I wish

start saying
I will

and it becomes
I am


sometimes, in life you meet a wonderful person

but it’s only for a brief moment

maybe you’re on holidays

or on a train

or waiting in a queue

and they touch your life ever so briefly, but in a special way

instead of mourning because they can’t be with you for longer

or you don’t get the chance to know them better

isn’t it better to be happy that you met them at all