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better oops

than what if

better to apologise

than ask permission

better heartbroken

than never loved

every day

wake up and love

that’s all you need to do each day


you should always tell people how much you love them


life can be short sometimes

profess  your love

5 things

before I get out of each morning, I:

say thank you

say I love you (to myself and the world at large)

set my intentions for the day

smile (for no reason at all)

stretch and open myself to everyone and everything I will encounter that day

what do you do before you get out of bed

love is all there is

you come from love

you are love

so go out and spread the love



best friend

be your own best friend

give yourself as much love as you would your best friend

treat yourself as gently as you would a child

care for yourself as tenderly as you would your parent

forgive yourself as you would your partner

because that becomes your benchmark in life

you will never achieve more than your self esteem will allow

you will never receive more than what you are prepared to give yourself

so love yourself

be there for yourself in good times and bad times

celebrate every victory

learn from every experience

accept yourself exactly as you are and live


I always thought it was love I was looking for

but what has sated me is not love but peace

peace with myself

with all the silly / ridiculous / embarrassing decisions/mistakes I have made so far

and I’m sure there will be a few more in my future

peace with my dad for not being able to love me the way I wanted him to

and he loves me all the same

peace with my body and all its (im)perfections

a deep sustaining peace that has nothing to do with who loves me or not

or whether I have the latest it bag or hang out with the cool crowd

or ate at the finest establishments

a rich abiding peace that resides in me

that I had lost contact with

and reconnected when I started meditation

peace within myself was what I had been looking for all this time

and I finally found

f l y

first love yourself


all the things you love

all the things you love about your love

are yours

he or she simply reflects your qualities back to you

do you get that

what you love so much about them are in you

those qualities are yours to begin with

hold on

maybe our hearts need to be broken

so that they can be bigger

to give and receive the love we need and want

even if sometimes, we are not sure we deserve big love

so when your heart is broken

hold on

hold on

because somehow your heart will be put back together

and when the time is right, you will give and receive love that’s bigger and deeper than ever before

and then you will understand